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Erasmus plus Training Center

Giovani per l'Europa : Pic Number 948770872

Giovani per l’Europa organizes study visits,in the schools or visits to companies, private and public, it depends on the participant’s profile . We also prganise period of obrservation (job shadowing) in the company for adult partcipants, like teachers , educators, employers , directors of privat/pubblic company and so on .

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Giovani per l'Europa supports the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices, as well as joint initiatives for cooperation, peer learning and exchange of good practices at European level. Giovani per is active as leading institution and as participant partner .

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Giovani per l’Europa, vocational center PIC number: 948770872 , is specialized in European Internships programmes, under Erasmus plus programme.  Our Internship department is specialized in monitoring and organizing work experience and youth mobility projects, placing students, young graduates and young workers from all over the E.U

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Giovani per l'Europa e La scuola

Partenariati per favorire la mobilità studentesca

Alternanza Scuola Lavoro

Giovani per l’Europa offre sia destinazioni in Italia , per i programmi interregionali che prevedono la mobilità degli studenti sul territorio italiano , sia destinazioni in Europa per tutti i programmi .che prevedono la mobilità all’estero.
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Partenariati per progetti Erasmus plus

Giovani per l'Europa , elabora e realizza progetti di mobilità transnazionale , per gli istituti pubblici e privati .
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Giovani per l'Europa garantisce il conseguimento di competenze linguistiche certificate, secondo i parametri del Framework Europeo, nonché la completa organizzazione delle esperienze internazionali promosse dai programmi operativi POR e PON.   Clicca qui 

viaggi educativi

Giovani per l’Europa grazie alla sua comprovata esperienza nell'ambito dei viaggi educativi alla'estero, si propone alle scuole pubbliche e private, come intermediario per l'organizzazione dei viaggi educativi .
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Our participants say...

Giovani per l’Europa is a European Vocational Training Exchange & Placement Programmes, accredited by the Italian Government The association dedicates itself to promote activities which help the young people’s mobility and action increasing their sensitivity for the cultural, instruction, political and economic diversities which are represented by different populations in Europe. Giovani per l’Europa is a international not profit organization, based in Nicotera South Italy with a subsidiary in Milano city we are specialized in European Internships programmes. ....

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