July 1, 2016


Nicotera “Gemma of Thyrrhenian”

Enchanting sea place, famous for its wonderful promenade. The picturesque old center of Nicotera is in a terrace whit view over the Gioia Tauro and in front of the Eolian Islands.

Nicotera is full of beaches, cliffs and bays. Situated by the Tyrrhenian border with Reggio Calabria district, in a panoramic position. The town planning maintains the same characteristics of the old centre, whit its interlacing streets and paths, that often lead to small squares, where many houses, mansions and manor houses are decorated with wrought iron balconies.

Nicotera is also a famous tourist resort to its mildness and to the wonderful coast, equipped by many commercial and touristic activities, here it’s produced A multitude of agricultural products that make Nicotera center MEDITERRANEAN DIET, renowned throughout the world for its high therapeutic value. Recently built Nicotera Marina, which is 4 km far from the town, is equipped by a lot of bathing fittings.








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