KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education : (MAMEC)

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KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education : (MAMEC)


Giovani per l’Europa is partner in KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education 2016-1-ES01-KA204-024925 Madres Autónomas: Medidas y Estrategias para Conciliar vida familiar y laboral (MAMEC)

About the Project Priorities:

The MAMEC project is a multilateral strategic partnership Development of Innovation, which involves four partners from 4 different European countries
(Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece).

Specifically, it aims to develop a series of activities that will contribute to economic and social development of the territories, through the promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship.

Project activities will focus on these priorities:

1) Effective strategies for improving basic skills.

2) Develop and improve basic and transversal skills with innovative methods and from a lifelong learning perspective.

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Erasmus plus KA2 Pro-women



Our project is aimed at women with children, who are seeking their own professional fulfillment.

In fact, due to the current economic and financial crisis, for women who are also mothers  the difficulty of finding a job is added to the commitment of reconciling domestic familiar with work.

Many researches carried out in different European countries show a problematic situation for women:

-High Rate of unemployment, worsened by the fact that many women who don’t work are not even registered as unemployed,

-Many women leave the job in order to make grow their children, unable to bear the excessive costs of childcare and babysitting,

-Women who intend to start a business are disadvantaged if compared to men in obtaining necessary funding,

– Businesses created by women are less competitive and less innovative than the male ones.

The project aims to provide valuable assistance to women-mothers, addressing the double problem of unemployment and the need to balance work with family, through a targeted training that gives them the skills necessary to promote female entrepreneurship.

Short presentation of the project in Italian
Proposals and Strategies for Women Entre

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