KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education : (MAMEC)

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KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education : (MAMEC)


Giovani per l’Europa is partner in KA2 Strategic Partnership Project in Adult Education 2016-1-ES01-KA204-024925 Madres Autónomas: Medidas y Estrategias para Conciliar vida familiar y laboral (MAMEC)

About the Project Priorities:

The MAMEC project is a multilateral strategic partnership Development of Innovation, which involves four partners from 4 different European countries
(Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece).

Specifically, it aims to develop a series of activities that will contribute to economic and social development of the territories, through the promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship.

Project activities will focus on these priorities:

1) Effective strategies for improving basic skills.

2) Develop and improve basic and transversal skills with innovative methods and from a lifelong learning perspective.

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Erasmus plus SEWING COURSE

If your goal is to increase your skills in the fashion world, Giovani Per l’Europa organizes sewing courses with the aim of:

°teaching to the participant techniques of cutting and sewing;
°promoting professional training in this area;
°stimulating women entrepreneurship;
°creating a deeper and more fruitful way to look at this professional sector.
°Sewing training course prepares candidates to construct, alter and mend garments and °other textile items.

Dal 18 settembre alle 9:00 al 24 settembre alle 20:00

If you are interested in participating in Sewing Course, please contact us at:

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