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Italian Language Department

Giovani per l’Europa created a Italian language department , with a good teachers for non-native speakers.  The Department , Italian Language of  Giovani per l’Europa ,  It boasts large, well l it classrooms, a reading room (with TV and DVD) and a coffee bar where one can enrich their linguistic knowledge in a relaxing comfortable environment. 
Our Italian Language programs are designed for non-native speakers. The objective of Italian Language Department is to creat e a family environment .
Giovani per l’Europa is located Nicotera, in Calabria, and a place that attracts interest fro m tourists internationally . Nicotera nearby islands are so close that it is as if you can reach out and touch the very landscape with your own hands. The spectacular views are like a painting – so beautiful it’s hard to imagine that it is real.

During the Summer we organize an amazing italian language course  , please contact us ..

        Italian Course Full Immersion

  •  Intensive course (4 hours a day)
  •  Transfer service from the airport/apartment, round trip;
  •  Accommodation in apartment or b&b;                                                                             
  •  Didactic material                                     
  •  Cultural and social ctivities                                               
  •  Final certificate                     
  • Assistance h24.
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