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This training course in “STRESS AND ANXIETY MANAGEMENT IN SCHOOLS” aims to develop in teachers professional competences.  The educational offer for this course is articulated in some fundamental theoretical skills, (psychiatry, psychology, sociology, etc.). The Training Course under the Erasmus Programme Plus allows to the participants to identify the sources of stress, how to prevent and cope with stressful experiences and how to support students to deal with stress. Through a practical approach participants will acquire concrete methods and will share best practices that enable them to better manage stress in their job as well as in their personal lives The promoter of the course will organize seminars, field works, thinking tools, cultural visits, technical visits, conferences with experts. The participants will also receive the didactic material needed and certificates as requested in the Erasmus Plus Programme.



  • Learn about the dynamics and characteristics of stress, its causes and its effects;
  • Get an insight into their individual patterns of stress response;
  • Practice and acquire concrete stress management techniques and tools;
  • Learn how to apply stress management tools to typical education situations (i.e. parent-teacher relationship, bullying, …);
  • Learn how to lead simple relaxation and visualization activities to ease students’ anxiety;
  • Make contacts with individuals and organizations working in the education field in Europe through everyday cooperation and networking activities;
  • Visit and network with Italian institutions.



In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, we are going to develop our courses based in both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll try to develop the active participation of all participants involved. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like:

  • Meetings with responsible staff of enterprises;
  • Discussions in the classroom with directors of private institutes;
  • Direct lessons;
  • Technical visits in private companies for job shadowing and workshops.


1st day: Participants arrival. Meeting of participants and tutors, transport to accommodation and room allocation. Welcome Day- Managing pupils’ expectations about the Stress and Anxiety Management in Schools training course.

2nd day: Course introduction: growing trends towards integrating using web platform into education and blended learning. Understanding what generates stress. Investigating and identifying the sources of my stress

3rd day: Meeting with a psychologist who will explain the onset of anxiety and how to control it.

4th day: Visit to a center that takes care of managing stress and anxiety.

5th day: First lesson: Managing stress: strategies and tools.  Practical work: applying stress management at school.  How to stay calm at school when facing undisciplined students, aggressive parents and arrogant colleagues. How to support students to manage stressful situations.  Role-play simulation: applying stress management techniques to real-case examples.

6th day: Free time and cultural activities.

7th day: Free time and cultural activities.

8th day:0 Second lesson: How to manage anxiety and stress by practicing sports. Meeting with an instructor who will show us the exercises to practice in case of anxiety.

9th day: Guided tour of the school, observe how teachers Italian face stress moment in the classroom. Meeting with teachers who have overcome a state of anxiety and stress. Question Time with collegues.

10th day: Guided tour to a school of Yoga, meeting with a therapist of anxiety and stress. We practice together the management of anxiety and stress.

11th day: Day relaxation. We manage anxiety and stress through the help of nature. Visits to parks and the zoo. We relax our minds thanks to the vibrations of nature.

12th day: Day examination. We became aware of stress and how to handle it. Let’s face it live. Practical test. Evaluation of the Training Course. Certificate Ceremony and overall evaluation meeting with the host organization and the beneficiaries.

13th day: Free time and cultural activities.

14th day: Participants departure.

from 10/03/2019 to 23/03/2019
from 26/05/2019 to 08/06/2019
from 14/07/2019 to 27/07/2019
from 13/10/2019 to 26/10/2019
from 24/11/2019 to 07/12/2019

from 09/02/2020 to 23/02/2020
from 24/03/2020 to 07/04/2020
from 17/05/2020 to 31/05/2020
from 14/06/2020 to 28/06/2020
from 13/09/2020 to 27/09/2020
from 22/11/2020 to 06/12/2020

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