Giovani per l'Europa

This training course in “Mediterranean Cooking” offers an advanced knowledge of Italian Cuisine. It is divided into lessons with recipes that change with the seasons and it will be conducted in a typical Italian environment. This kind of course includes practical lessons, seminars, field works, thinking tools, cultural visits, technical visits, conferences with experts. The participants will also receive the didactic material needed and certificates as requested in Erasmus Plus Programme.


  • To give participants an all-around preparation regarding all Italian food sector.
  • To educate people at healthy food.
  • To improve the Italian techniques applied in food sector.
  • To learn how to prepare simple Italian food
  • To stimulate entrepreneurship

Methodology: In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, we are going to develop our courses based in both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll try to develop the active participation of all participants involved. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like : conferences with responsible staff of enterprises; discussions in the classroom with directors of private institutes; direct lessons; technical visits in private companies   for job shadowing and workshops.


1st Day:  Transfer from the airport to accommodation and room allocation. Daily evaluation. Rules applicable in Italy, information about the city and general information about the Programme. Presentation of the Italian education system, meeting with an Italian Language teacher and with an Italian chef .

2nd Day: Visiting the best restaurant in Nicotera, taking information about product of the Mediterranean diet. Meeting with some housewives, who will work together by teaching you the love and passion like in preparing food, like in the past. They’ll teach you the old methods for cooking pasta.

3rd Day: Information about food standards to be applied in our country in order to understand the interrelationship between individual lifestyle and environmental effects at a global level.  Housewives will teach how to prepare Pizza.

4th day: Visit the Catering Public School. Explaining the Italian Education Cooking Programmes used in the school.  Visit a big street market selling the best Mediterranean products.

5th Day:  Training Course about high grade restaurants and hotels table service techniques.- Visit one Italian high grade hotel/restaurant, participants will learn some sophisticated Italian recipes from the creation of gourmet meals.

6th Day: Meeting with housewives for a special lesson about local specialties of sweets including the preparation of particular cakes, pastries, etc…

7th Day: Evaluation of the Training Course. Certificate Ceremony and overall evaluation meeting with the host organization and the beneficiaries. Preparation of final report of daily evaluations.

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from 10/03/2019 to 23/03/2019
from 26/05/2019 to 08/06/2019
from 14/07/2019 to 27/07/2019
from 13/10/2019 to 26/10/2019
from 24/11/2019 to 07/12/2019

from 09/02/2020 to 23/02/2020
from 24/03/2020 to 07/04/2020
from 17/05/2020 to 31/05/2020
from 14/06/2020 to 28/06/2020
from 13/09/2020 to 27/09/2020
from 22/11/2020 to 06/12/2020

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