Giovani per l'Europa

Description :
The course is Aimed at introducing drama and improvisation techniques to the participants to Enhance and extend the foreign language teacher’s communication skills and to Provide the teacher with the confidence to use These New skills as methodology in the foreign language classroom for language development and use. The participant will leave this course with a comprehensive variety of engaging and productive activities. That are designed to complement language learning by encouraging the foreign language student with a real desire to listen, speak and write fluently, actively and creatively. this course Also Provides a large amount of some foreign language Throughout practices.


The AIMS course to develop teachers’ comprehension of improvisation/drama methodology for use in the language classroom and to enhance classroom teacher performance and explore effective professional communication and foreign language skills

Methodology:   In the framework of Erasmus Programme Plus, we are going to develop our courses based in Both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll start with an introduction of the new methodology And Also with a theoretical approach. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like: study cases, conferences with responsible staff of enterprises; discussions in the classroom with directors of private institutes; role-plays; guidelines, technical visits to the laboratories and schools.

Programme of the training activities day by day:

Please note this is an example of a daily program. Often Course content may be usefully adapted to the needs of each specific embedded group.


1st Day: Transfer from the airport to accommodation and allocation room. Welcome Meetings. Rules applicable in Italy, information about the city and general information about the Programme. Lesson Managing participant’s expectations about the “For Creative Drama Techniques Foreign Language Teaching” course, walking tour of historic City;

2nd Day: Lesson : Group coordination, dynamics and bonding. Drama discussion and Importance for the classroom. Needs and setting goals and project;

3rd Day: lesson: Trust work and introduction to improvisation, improvisation Importance of skills for language learning, freeing the body Physical communication;

4th Day: lesson: The body and body language. A study of physical communication. Posture and body language in language learning. Oral and body expression;

5th Day:  lesson: Our status in the classroom and its relevance to teaching. Classroom management through role play. Developing the voice and correct breathing;

6th Day: 7th Day:  Free time for individual research or optional cultural activities;

8th Day:  lesson: Voice play. Stressing, intonation and coloring the language and pronunciation. Making text live. Voice and text interpretation;

9th Day:  lesson: Further text examination and project preparation. Using improvisation to inject creativity and imagination into story and dialogue. Story creation and dialogue building techniques to develop writing skills;

10th Day:  lesson: Using photographs to encourage role play and writing skills. Character study using text, visuals and movement continued. Introduction to Shakespeare, using a monologue on the theme of the seven ages of man. Introduction to the “mask” for speaking and role play. Evaluation of the Training Course;

12th Day:  lesson: Developing group devised scenes through improvisation. Play creation through internships directions, simple text and scenarios. Certificate Ceremony and overall evaluation meeting with the host organization and the beneficiaries;

13th Day: Free time for individual research or optional cultural activities departure.;

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