Giovani per l'Europa


The association dedicates itself to promote activities which help the young people’s mobility and action increasing their sensitivity for the cultural, instruction, political and economic diversities which are represented by different populations in Europe, was created to promote educational and training programmes, like Erasmus Plus aiming to develop skills, human resources and improving the labour market. Giovani per l’europa Participates in the framework of Erasmus plus like hosting, sending organization and coodinator organisation in Erasmus + , in all keys, in particular:

Key Action 1 supports mobility in the education, training and youth sectors and aims to bring long lasting benefits to the participants and the organisations involved. School education staff mobility VET learner and staff mobility Higher education student and staff mobility Adult education staff mobility Youth mobility

Strategic Partnerships addressing more than one field Strategic Partnerships for School Education Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education/Training Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Strategic Partnerships for Adult Learning Strategic Partnerships for Youth

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