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“Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs”

Following the Europe 2020 strategy and with the strategy ET2020, the project ” Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs ” intends to create innovative, productive and effective synergies through a formative experience both personally and professionally.

It is aimed at a particular target group, women with children, who are seeking their own professional fulfillment and they are confronting with a double difficulty:
– Find a job,
– Reconciling work and family.

In fact, due to the current economic and financial crisis, for women who are also mothers the difficulty of finding a job is added to the commitment of reconciling domestic familiar with work.

Many researches carried out in different European countries show a problematic situation for women:
-High Rate of unemployment, worsened by the fact that many women who don’t work are not even registered as unemployed,
-Many women leave the job in order to make grow their children, unable to bear the excessive costs of childcare and babysitting,
-Women who intend to start a business are disadvantaged if compared to men in obtaining necessary funding,
– Businesses created by women are less competitive and less innovative than the male ones.

The project aims to provide valuable assistance to women-mothers, addressing the double problem of unemployment and the need to balance work with family, through a targeted training that gives them the skills necessary to promote female entrepreneurship.

The objectives will be:
-Making a viable strategy to increase skills for the target group “women-mothers” who wants to combine work and family life by finding appropriate solutions as Home Based Business.
-to Promote linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness of the EU.
Nowadays, investing on women, on their training and specialization, in this critical context as the current one that involves the whole national and international economy, appears to be a proper solution to support employment, local and national economy and, specifically, to support families who may rely on an additional income, a lower risk of poverty, more time for educating and raise children.
By using an informal methodology, centered on the direct involvement of the participants, we aim to achieve the following results:
-provide women-mothers with a human, professional and linguistic growth, that will lead them to become serious professionals and managers, and allow them to acquire and to develop:
1) social, civic and intercultural skills
2) linguistic skills,
3) professional skills.

From this experience the participants will come, inevitably, strengthened in their professional life which then will implement the acquired skills in the workplace and that will transmit to all those with whom they will be in contact every day, to take off an area in need of suitable and effective strategies in order to exit from the current crisis.

All partners will implement an efficient strategy that includes:
1) Preparatory activities.
These activities will be related to the project management, to its diffusion, to a research of success experiences and good practices on entrepreneurial activities that can be developed at home;
2) Training activities.
-Training course (in classroom) in basic business skills and then it will be tested in every country on a small group (15-25 people) of women with children;
-E-learning course of Open Massive Online (MOOC) with theoretical and practical instruction on the skills necessaries for new enterprises, challenges and opportunities, including technologies for creative problem solving.
3) Follow-up-Impact activities.
It is expected that the project will have a real and concrete impact for beneficiaries:
-acquisition of knowledge and new skills for employability.
– for participating organizations, the realization of a European network aimed at capacity building and necessary skills to promote their transnational cooperation.
4) Dissemination of results
To disseminate the products and results of the project across Europe we will use a database of materials and e-books with open licenses and also will be realized a series of multipliers events in the country of each partner, in order to present the intellectual products created in the project.
5) Evaluation.

Visit the web site of our project —-> PROWOMEN

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