Giovani per l'Europa


Giovani per  l’Europa organises regular meetings and individual discussions with  participants in order to successfully monitor the progress of the programme,  and solve any problems that it may arise.

The meetings are as follows:

  • The  opening introductory meeting;
  • Follow-up  meetings and individual discussions are held practically every day during the  first part of the programme
  • The  language course;
  • During the  work placement period collective meetings are organised regularly;
  • Individual  discussions with participants for solving any problems are set up according to  participants’ needs;
  • The final  evaluation meeting takes place at the end of the participants’ stay in Italy;
  • The  fulfilment of the project’s objectives, and the participants’ professional and  cultural experiences are discussed and evaluated;
  •  The participants are also  given instructions for their departure the next day;

Giovani per  l’Europa has frequent contact with the responsible persons in all institutions, where the participants are placed. These procedures will be a great value  for a correct monitoring of the beneficiaries and development of the Programme.  The questionnaires will be completed following a  precise scheme:

  1. Questionnaires of the first period  of permanence;
  2. Questionnaires of the linguistic  course;
  3. Language  Course Final Evaluation;
  • During the work-placement:
  1. Questionnaires of the second period of  permanence;
  2. Work-placement questionnaires;
  3. Work-placement Final evaluation;

Communication Besides the  above-mentioned contact with the participants, we also keep in touch with the  sending organisation representative via e-mail, fax, and phone.  We regularly send reports about the  development of the Italy / Malta part of  the project to the sending organisation.

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