Erasmus plus KA1 Staff / Adult mobility : Hosting/Itermediary Organization Vet Staff mobility

Giovani per l’Europa Hosting/Itermediary OrganizationVet Staff mobility Giovani per l’Europa in the sphere of action Key mobility 1 Erasmus plus. Individual Mobility, Role of Trainers as Hosting Organizations, offering opanisation, offering opportunities for trainees, students, young people, as well as for professors, teachers, trainers, youth animators, education / education staffs stimulating the main goals is the innovation Leggi di piùErasmus plus KA1 Staff / Adult mobility : Hosting/Itermediary Organization Vet Staff mobility[…]

Erasmus plus training courses Confirmed

Confirmed  Erasmus plus Training Mobility Courses will take place in December We confirm the most popular and most appreciated courses: #Montessori Education Method and #Innovative Teaching Method. Our courses are led by experts in their field, with a great experience in the field of training. I hope this information is useful and I look forward to Leggi di piùErasmus plus training courses Confirmed[…]

Erasmus plus Experience

 Erasmus plus training course : Innovative Teaching method   Erasmus plus training course : Montessori Method   Erasmus plus training course : Rinnovata Pizzigoni Method  Erasmus plus Vet  learners Mobility  : Italian Cousine   Erasmus plus Vet Staff and Learners mobility : Working day in the class room, job shadowing  Erasmus plus Vet Staff and Learners mobility : Work experience in Leggi di piùErasmus plus Experience[…]

Erasmus plus training courses

Giovani per l’Europa, vocational center PIC number: 948770872 , in the framework of the European programme Erasmus + Key Action 1, offers many structured courses perfectly adapted for the following Mobility Projects:  MOBILITY PROJECT FOR SCHOOL EDUCATION STAFF MOBILITY PROJECT FOR ADULT EDUCATION STAFF The structured courses can to be organized for the members Leggi di piùErasmus plus training courses[…]

Look….us !!!!

Home Giovani per l’Europa is a European Vocational Training Exchange & Placement Programmes, accredited by the Italian and Maltese Governments. The association dedicates itself to promote activities which help the young people’s mobility and action increasing their sensitivity for the cultural,……

Giovani per l’Europa Hosting/Itermediary Organization

Giovani per l’Europa Hosting/Itermediary OrganizationGiovani per l’Europa Ass. Recognized as an Italian no-profit organization based in Nicotera, south of Italy and in Milano north of Italy, is specialized in European Internships programmes, under Erasmus plus programme.Our Internship department is specialized in monitoring and organizing work experience and youth mobility projects, placing students, young graduates and young Leggi di piùGiovani per l’Europa Hosting/Itermediary Organization[…]

Erasmus plus SEWING COURSE

If your goal is to increase your skills in the fashion world, Giovani Per l’Europa organizes sewing courses with the aim of: °teaching to the participant techniques of cutting and sewing; °promoting professional training in this area; °stimulating women entrepreneurship; °creating a deeper and more fruitful way to look at this professional sector. °Sewing training Leggi di piùErasmus plus SEWING COURSE[…]

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