Erasmus plus KA1 Staff / Adult mobility : Hosting/Itermediary Organization Vet Staff mobility

Giovani per l'Europa Hosting/Itermediary Organization Vet Staff mobility

Giovani per l'Europa Hosting/Itermediary Organization
Vet Staff mobility 

Giovani per l'Europa in the sphere of action Key mobility 1 Erasmus plus. Individual Mobility, Role of Trainers as Hosting Organizations, offering opanisation, offering opportunities for trainees, students, young people, as well as for professors, teachers, trainers, youth animators, education / education staffs stimulating the main goals is the innovation and training within the European Union, the exchange and continuous cooperation between different educational systems. In particular for the "Staff" the exchange and continuous cooperation between the different educational systems:

Job shadowing & Study visits Organization of internships and practice;

Giovani per l’Europa organizes study visits,in the schools or visits to companies, private and public, it depends on the participant’s profile . We also prganise period of obrservation (job shadowing) in the company for adult partcipants, like teachers , educators, employers , directors of privat/pubblic company and so on .
We are going to stimulate with this method , the exchange of different education sistems among workers .

Practical Training

Giovani per l’Europa also provides , for the adults in mobility in the framework of erasmus plus , to organise training activity in the school or in the company.


Erasmus plus Training Courses

Also Giovani per l’Europa   in the framework of the new European Programme Erasmus + (Key Action 1) can offer many structured training courses perfectly adapted with the following Mobility Projects:

  • mobility project for school staff  
  • mobility project for adult education staff.

    The training courses can to be organized for the members of:  Organizations as Schools, Universities, VET Organizations, NGOs, Associations, Enterprises in the categories of people such as Professor belonging to the  Higher Education,  School’s teachers or Educational Organization’s teachers in an Adult / VET. Our courses are open to educational staff (teaching and non-teaching) as, teachers, leaders, administrators, coordinators, youth workers and other staff members.

    Check the list of our courses  List of our courses

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Giovani per l'Europa Organisation 

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