Giovani per l'Europa


Giovani per l’Europa is based on a fundamental concept: all individuals have the right to receive from the Country where they were born and live education, training and job.

Giovani per l’Europa was created to be a link between young people and the territory around them. A territory, sometimes hostile, which does not offer the opportunity for young people to express their own talent; which does not give a chance to their own minds to evolve. It is in this socio-cultural background, that Giovani per l’Europa together with its staff offers a range of services that bridge the gap that exists between the expectation of the young and the real opportunities the territory give them.
The constant and determined work of Giovani per l’Europa is transformed into actions/concrete services to citizens.
The main services that our organization offers are always addressed to the person, and then to the education of the individual.

The services Giovani per l’Europa offers are:
• designing of national programs aimed to the education of individual
• designing of trans-national programs that promote individual mobility
• realization of language courses in Italy and abroad
• internships abroad
• internships in Italy
• design consultancy also for third account
• organization of seminars and conferences
• realization and design of social-tourist activities

All these services will then develop other small activities that the association does every day, with much competence, with and without projects,
such as for example:

• Basic Computer course for adults
• European literacy for all
• Continuous creation of synergies between private and public
•Dissemination of European Union’s documentation both material and immaterial
• Assistance in the language (English, Spanish, Russian) to whoever requests for any type of business
• Logistic support for commercial activities
• European meeting point for citizens

All the activities and the services of Giovani per l’Europa aim always to the enhancement and the education of the individual.

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