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During the last years Giovani per l’Europa experienced different Leonardo da Vinci Mobility projects, Young in Action projects,  EVS projects as sending organization (since 2010) and one multilateral youth exchange as hosting organization. These experiences had been useful in order to acquire competences and skills in the management of Youth in Action Programme’s projects and some youth leaders had been trained for dealing with young people.

For that reason, this time we want to experience a new multilateral exchange with different countries  since this involvement will give to the project a deeper European dimension. The exchange aims to give participants the opportunity to meet peers from other countries in order to promote a mutual understanding. The reciprocal knowledge of others participants’ cultures is often based on prejudices and stereotypes: for example, Italian teenagers know little about Rumanian, or other European cultures and often they know them only on the basis of common clichés.

Our little Mediterranean city, Nicotera is a quite guarded urban centre, thank to its little dimension, but, at the same time, it offers several activities and opportunities that can interest young people. Furthermore, both the local municipality and associations network have been promoting in the last years quite a lot of youth exchanges and international meetings so our youngsters are very enthusiastic and always interested in the European dimension of their activities

Our long experience teaches to young people to overcome their prejudices and to find in the diversity a source of personal growth and human enrichment. During the last decades, the enlargement of the European Union has produced the involvement of so distant and different countries in a common path towards similar policies at political, socio – economical and cultural levels.

Thanks to the opportunity offered by Erasmus Plus Programme Youth Mobility, we hope that young people could learn to see others with different eyes by developing a personal curiosity for diversity. The activities, the free time moments, the fact of sharing every single moment of their everyday life will

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