Giovani per l'Europa

Erasmus+ KA2 strategic - Partnerships for vocational education and training

Giovani per l’Europa oraganisation operates in pathways for work-linked training, including language courses. We are directly involved in the organization of social and cultural exchanges with EU and non EU countries and the implementation of programmes and activities in order to futher professional orientation, qualification, requalification and continuous updating

Giovani per l’Europa oraganisation operates in Key Action 2 – Cooperation for innovation and good practice Strategic partnerships between organizations in the sectors education / training or youth and other relevant actors, large-scale partnerships between educational institutions and training and the world of work

Giovani per l’Europa has many year of experience in this sectors ,  we were applicant in many projects who  simulating the adults educations trough the Leaonardo da vicni partnership and Grundgtvig . In the framework of Erasmus plus KA2 we are applicant and partners in many projects.  Our training programs (as promoter and coordinator as well as hosting organization) have been fully designed to prepare people to live, work and gain experience in a foreign country, and to have you get the best results both personally and professional as well.

Moreover,  we work in:

  • Arranging intercultural educational workshops/meetings.
  • Organizing intercultural training and activities for trainees,
  • Organizing intercultural training and activities for teachers and school staff .

both at local and international levels.

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Giovani per l’Europa Organisation 
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