Giovani per l'Europa

To pursued as the professional skills of this course, the educational offer is articulated in some fundamental professional qualifications in the areas of hotel, travel, events, culinary, arts, retail, catering, and extends to management and marketing. The Training Course, under Erasmus Plus Programme, cover Both concepts and theories Relating to tourism management, leisure management or events management, and is designed to stimulate critical thinking. Training and course Also use multidisciplinary perspectives to transform management problems into opportunities, to develop strong leadership and management teams. The participants will receive all the didactic material needed and certificates as requested in Erasmus Plus Programme.


  • To improve skills in Italian tourism system;
  • To experience the Italian Culture;
  • To Encourage personal development (including social and communication skills);
  • To promote entrepreneurship in the touristic field.

Methodology: In the framework of Erasmus Programme Plus, we are going to develop our courses based in Both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll try to develop the active participation of all participants Involved. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like:

  • Meetings with responsible staff of enterprises;
  • Discussions in the classroom with directors of private institutes;
  • Direct lessons;
  • Technical visits in private companies for job shadowing and workshops.

Programme :

1st Day: Meeting of participants and tutors, transport to accommodation and room allocation. Welcome Day and answer participants’ expectations about the Hospitality & Tourism course training.

2nd Day: Presentation of the agenda for the upcoming days including information about Italian culture and Erasmus + and info about the Hosting Organization and the city of Nicotera. Students will learn about important issues about the history and traditions of Nicotera, the courses’ framework and the type of organizations they will visit. Starting the studies about Italian Tourism and its principal aspects.

3rd Day:  First lesson: lesson about the Italian tourism educational system. Meeting with the directors of the best touristic schools and talking about the different programmers. Visit the Nicoter’s Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter.

4th Day:  lesson: Day Course explaining the main features of luxurious hotels. Meeting with the manager of a high grade hotel to learn how to offer full service packages and solutions for all types of gatherings. Specific Examination of hotel Programmes .Visiting the Tourist Office of public authority in Nicotera.

5th Day: Lesson Meeting with the provincial center committee who is responsible for the development of touristic activities and their promotion. Meeting with the director of Nicotera Calabria and Tourism Authority in order to learn about the promotion of events and the management of touristic elites.

6th Day: Lesson visit public Touristic School, Meeting with the Headmaster, teachers, staff and with students.

7th Day: Full Day in the palace of congresses practicing with promoters. Conference with two promoters who will show the best techniques to organise an event. Visit the Sacred Art Museum of Nicotera.

8th Day:  Final report, final discussion about the results of the project. Certificate ceremony and preparations for leaving.

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