Giovani per l'Europa

Hosting Organization

Giovani per l’Europa as recognized as an Italian no-profit organization based in Nicotera, south of Italy, is specialized in European Internships programmes, under Erasmus plus programme.

Our Internship department is specialized in monitoring and organizing work experience and youth mobility projects, placing students, young graduates and young workers from all over the E.U.

The key to Giovani per l’Europa success lies in the quality and professionalism of our Staff.

Our activities are carried out by a qualified management team of experts with extensive experience in European projects. Our activities are backed up by the active participation of an international network of organizations.

In the past few years, Giovani per l’Europa Ass. Riconosciuta has gained a great deal of experience as hosting/sending partner to many European organizations.

Giovani per l’ Europa staff, expert in mobility projects, as hosting institution will offer to its participants the following services:

  • Accommodation
  • Italian/English Language Course and Socio-Cultural Preparation
  • Work Placements
  • Monitoring
  • Tutoring of the Project
  • Cultural Program according to sending organisations requirements
  • Local Transports
  • Final Certificates
  • Final Report


The participants will be accommodated in shared apartments/houses on a self-catering basis.

Language Course

Italian / English Language Course and Socio-Cultural Preparation: The language course was organized to take account of the weaknesses of the beneficiaries

Work Placements

Before the beginning of the practical work placement for the beneficiary in Italy / Malta, Giovani per l’Europa arranged a meeting between the Hosting Company tutor,
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