Giovani per l'Europa


Before the beginning of the practical work placement for the beneficiary in Italy / Malta, Giovani per l’Europa arranged a meeting between the Hosting Company tutor, the beneficiary and Giovani per l’Europa tutor in order to: Introduce the beneficiary to the new staff and the new working environment in which he/she will be placed; structure a definitive training plan, identifying a personal path to develop all the competences. Give information to the tutor to fill the final evaluation “Trainee assessment form”. The candidates were placed in a working environment which best suited the needs of the individual, and facilitated the acquisition of new professional skills specified in terms of knowledge, ability and professionalism. Giovani per l’Europa looked for each work placement according to the specifications of every candidate and his/her cultural and professional profile. If necessary, Giovani per l’Europa will arrange work placements to be changed in order to better suit the needs and wishes of each participant.

Available Placement Areas:  Aeronautics – Aeronautical Engineering- Agriculture- Architecture- Art & Design- Automobile Engineering-Bank- Business & Finance- Childcare- Conservation, Recycling and Environmental Tourism – Education- E-Learning- Electrical-Engineering- Fishing- Forestry- Hairdressing & Beauty- Health & Safety- Health & Social Care- Heritage & Crafts- Horticulture & Animal Management- Hotel & Catering- Human Resources- Insurance- International Trade- Information Technology- Languages- Law & Legal Services – Marketing – Mechanical Engineering – Media & Journalism – Non Governmental Organisations – Performing Arts – Public Releases- Recreation & Leisure- Research & Development- Retail- Special Needs- Sports & Management- Telecommunications- Training of Others- Transport- Travel & Tourism

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