Effective use of ICT in Education

Description of the course : The course  “Effective Use of ICT in Education”  is intended for anyone with  a desire to increase their proficiency in using technology in the classroom, especially for those educators wishing to learn how to effectively use e-learning platforms to run online courses. The course content is not limited to teachers of a specific subject.


  • To give participants an adequate grounding in Use of ICT in Education in the Italian School
  • To understand basically child psychology and child development.
  • To learn ICT environment and the role of communication with technology  .
  • To stimulate moral and ethical education with ICT
  • Introducing ways of motivation and creative thinking through ICT for both teachers and students
  • How to control and manage the ICT, which are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern society.
  • Micro-ecological or ergonomic teaching dimension :cognitive interactions between the mind and the medium (ergonomics) to derive
  • a key to understanding of the conditions and constraints that make the condition conducive to learning using ICT

Methodology: In the framework of Erasmus Plus Programme, we are going to develop our courses based in both formal and informal education methodologies. We’ll start with an introduction of the new methodology and also with a theoretical approach. In order to stimulate the active participation of them we will use dynamic activities, like: study cases; discussions in the classroom with  directors of private institutes; role-plays; guidelines, technical visits in private companies  for job shadowing and workshops.   Coursework will contain a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, often allowing the teachers to interact with the e-learning systems in a hands-on way. They will practice the necessary skills in order to be able to effectively use their own e-learning systems with their own students.


1st Day: Meeting of participants and tutors, transport to the accommodation and room allocation. Welcome Day and presentation of the agenda for the upcoming days including information about Italian culture and Erasmus + and info about the Hosting Organization and the city.

2nd Day: Lesson: Educational Technology and Interactive Teaching Model. Introduction to Educational Technology; meaning, characteristics, and types of Educational Technology, Aims of Educational Technology.

Lesson: Detailed information about types of Educational Technology; Software Approach (Instructional Technology), Constructive Educational Technology, Training Approach (Relative Technology)

3rd Day: Lesson: Continuing; Detailed information about types of Educational Technology; Software Approach (Instructional Technology), Constructive Educational Technology, Training Approach (Relative Technology), Technology and Teaching Behavior, Advantages of Technology

4th Day: Lesson: Three major aspects of Educational Technology;

  • Input; entering behavior of the learner;
  • Output: terminal behavior of the learners and Process;
  • Means and devices of learning experience.

5th Day: Lesson : The role of education technology in education, Basic steps for teachers to integrate technology into their in-class activities. Questions-Answers Section, Assessment of in-class theoretical knowledge. Certificate ceremony and preparations for leaving.

6th Day: Return

If you need more details contact us by email: info@giovaniperleuropa.org

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